I have been many places for facials, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. I was referred to Genelle by one of my good friends who is very picky and said "you have to go see her!" I went for my first facial and was amazed! I feel like she was completely honest about helping my skin look and feel better. I have some hypo pigmentation and have had amazing results with just 2 facials and her products. She sent me home with samples and I couldn't wait to purchase the skin care products. Genelle has her own makeup line that is amazing! I have her tinted moisturizer and mineral powder! I am so satisfied with everything and would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family!
Deanna Innocenti

As an Eyebrow Artist Genelle is the best! I trust her completely with my skin care as well. 
Jenny Mcnassar

I met Genelle over 10 years ago, initially for brow and lip waxing. I decided to try having a facial to see if it would do anything to help with my monthly, premenstrual facial acne/breakouts---and it worked! Genelle has been helping me take good care of my skin ever since, recommending different types of facial treatments along with a home regimen to keep me looking the best I can. Genelle is also a gifted makeup artist who helped me achieve a natural but glowing appearance for a photo shoot/ad campaign at work. Highly recommended!
Dr. Sharon Wong

I recently had my eyebrows sculpted to perfection by Genelle. It was such a great experience. She took the time to educate me on eyebrow shaping and did an amazing job. I also received a facial, which I have to say was the best facial I have ever experienced. She knew just how to taylor my facial experience to my skincare needs and used quality products that left my skin glowing! She gave extra time and attention to my problem areas. I can't believe how much better my make-up looks and how good my face feels. I would highly recommend Genelle. She shows a wealth of experience and attention to every little detail.
Siobhan Barton

Loved Genelle she helped me get my crazy brows under control! She was flexible with my schedule & has great customer service skills! 
Trina Schneider