Champagne Shopping
An experience that is tailored for you! Please coordinate with your Faceologist or here with Genelle.

1 hr

This smart-glam shopping experience has been created with YOU in mind. Face It Beauty Bar will provide you the opportunity with hands on experience with Face It Makeup and Face It & Image Skincare while sipping on champagne or tea.  Through asking the right questions and listening, the outcome is what works for your lifestyle, needs and wants. We will educate you on how less product is needed to simplify your life while looking your best! We will go over your current product and may tell you to keep or replace it, but most importantly we will tell you why. We teach you about your skin and what skincare & healthy makeup will work to give you results. But, beware.....your bound to see our true cosmetic nerd come out! It's fun. Invite a few friends to join if you like. Need a Sunday or other after hours time just send me a message! Free with a $25.00 purchase which is non-refundable to secure this shopping experience.