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  • Does Face It Skin use toxic ingredients?
    No. Every service and product uses non-toxic ingredients and procedures following the European standards.
  • What products are refillable?
    At this time I offer 6 products that you can bring in your cleansed container to be refilled for a lesser fee. The products are; Luxe Potion, Luxe Eye Gelly Treat, Hydra Drench Mask, Hydra Bomb Eye & Face Cream, Turmeric Clay mask and Raspberry Clay Mask.
  • Why do you not take returns?
    Since we have a generous sampling program you are able to try before you buy to see if the product is making positive changes to your skin. Taking back used product is also not ethically sanitary.
  • How do I know which facial to book?
    This is my job to determine. Please just make the appointment for what you are interested in. I will determine during your consultation which route to go that is best for your skin and lifestyle.
  • What is the shelf life of your product with it being natural?
    Because our product is made fresh for you, from date of purchase it's a 12-24 month shelf life.
  • Do I need a separate consultation appointment from my treatment appointment?
    No. Consultations are done at the time of every service but if your unsure, it's a good idea to book a separate consultation appointment.
  • How do I get your product?
    There are a few ways to get Face It Skin product: 1) You can order at my online store, and in 1-2 working days I will fill your order and send you a "product is ready for pick-up" email. The email will state morning & afternoon/evening times you can walk in and pick-up your product in the blue and white cabinet in our lobby. 2) Make a "product pick-up" appointment to meet with me and purchase in person. 3) Purchase your product after a treatment appointment.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. Because I am a boutique business offering treatments and personal shopping it's best to schedule an appointment so I am available to you.
  • Why do I need to give 24 hours notice of cancelling a booking and/or rescheduling an appointment?
    Because no shows and last minute changes not only creates loss of income but it takes up a time slot for someone who may have wanted that appointment time, then add my time & material used to set up for a specific appointment. This is why a minimal fee of $45.00 is enforced without 24 hours notice Monday-Friday, business days. You can cancel and reschedule on the app or desktop. To see your appointments you should be a member and be logged in.
  • What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?
    If you see the receptionist kindly let her know you are here for Face It and/or just have a seat in the lobby and I will be out to get you as I may be finishing up with another client.
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