Luxe Serum was created with "better ingredients for greater gorgeous skin!"  It's penetrating abilities support silky smoothing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, vitamin enriched results to hydrate and condition all skin types.  Apply 2-4 drops directly on to the skin day or night.  Works great under makeup.  Can take the place of your moisturizer.  Use after Glow Mask or any mask, as daily moisturizer or layer with anti-aging product at night.



Zea Mays acts as liquid conditioning hydrating silk for your skin. 


Lavender Oil decreases inflammation of acne by inhibiting bacteria. 


Sunflower Seed Oil known as a carrier oil penetrates skin to regenerate cells to improve skins health
by preserving cells from sun damage and free radicals which produces quicker wound healing of skin.


Geranium Leaf Oil soothes acne, congested skin, eczema, and dermatitis. (1)


Rosemary Leaf Oil is an anti-inflammatory and prohibits damaged cells on skin.


Cypress Oil acts as a anti- bacteria on skin.


Vitamin E with powerful antioxidants promotes anti-wrinkle effects as it repairs skin
and protects against strong free radicals.


Rosehip Oil is a natural source of antioxidants containing Vitamin A which is very anti-aging
and hydrates itchy skin while reducing fine lines.


Created in Oregon, tested by an FDA & USDA organic approved facility.