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Sophisticated Simplicity is Hybrid Beauty

Your beauty routine just got healthier and easier.

Active color cosmetics with functions extending beyond coverage, e.g., moisturizing, sun protection, anti-aging, etc., is growing fast! I recognized this a couple of years ago when clean beauty makeup for us went even cleaner using ingredients from skincare to make Face It Skin makeup making it more of a hybrid product. Color Stick anyone?

Personalized products created like our Color Stick, are nourishing and hydrating solid formula made with shea butter, cocoa and vitamin C & E. Users can apply it to the eyes, cheeks and lips for a personalized color-plus-care experience when wearing hybrid makeup. Skincare is taking center stage at the dawn of the new year, driven by an ever growing interest in naturally fresh, luminous skin. The idea is no longer to conceal imperfections, but to enhance skin’s natural beauty. More than half of American makeup users (53%) are looking for hybrid makeup and skincare products. This could involve nourishing skin while evening out skin tone with tinted moisturizers, moisturizing lips while coloring them (see our Hybrid Glosses below) with tinted lip balms, smoothing fine lines or anti-aging cleansers that are also nourishing lashes and skin while removing makeup... or using mascaras enriched with various active ingredients as our Luxetastic Lash Mascara. These hybrid products, or two-in-one skincare products have become vastly popular in today's market.

Beyond the time-saving benefits of these products, these new beauty routines reflect a desire to take care of skin without ditching makeup completely. In response to a demand for sophisticated simplicity (love these words) and responsible consumption, at in-cosmetics, which was held in Paris from April 16-18 2024, many lines showcased several 3-in-1 hybrid skincare-makeup formulations that combine the efficacy of serums (thanks to moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients), the ability to achieve perfect complexions because of "healthy glow" ingredients, for the daily desire to look good minimally or high maintenance-like.

Hybrid hair color! Hey, it's not only the cosmetics world going hybrid there's a need for hair color to get simplified as well! Hybrid hair color combines the elements of conventional overall color and highlights, resulting in a unique appearance. The foundational shade is customized to match the individual's natural hair color, while lighter highlights are strategically placed throughout. This particular style allows for a dynamic transformation with every movement of the head.

Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian have been spotted sporting hybrid hair color. It is an ideal choice for those exploring different hair colors and desire to incorporate highlights while maintaining their natural aesthetic. From ombre hair to balayage, the hair color, itself, isn't the only thing that becomes a trend. How hair is colored is often just as important as your chosen color. The hybrid hair trend is popular for many reasons, including that it is super versatile and also designed to be easy to get and maintain

Did you know?  On average, women change their hairstyle 150 times over the course of their lives. That's quite a few different cuts and colors to test out, but the hybrid hair color suits everyone and is making some serious waves in the beauty scene.  It's ideal for those wanting to naturally go gray! Neutral shades like soft blonde, light mushroom or light-medium ash brown are the easiest to blend gray into your own natural color that's going gray.

I'm totally obsessed with all things hybrid these days because it's like a time-saving superhero! Time is seriously the most precious thing we've got, and we can't just bottle it up or rewind it. But hey, we can definitely make the most out of it! So, next time you're in the mood for some makeup magic, give hybrid makeup a whirl. It'll give you the freshest, most fabulous face without wasting a single second on deciding which traditional makeup to wear. Trust me, it's a total game-changer!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Genelle Holub

Face It Skin



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