We have good news, which is good for you and good for our planet. You are now able to purchase refills at the Beauty Bar!  Holding true to Face Its core values, I decided to make refills happen as there is so much waste in the cosmetic industry (or any industry). 6 products to refill will be offered through the summer to test out the response.  You can also use this appointment for "Product Pickup" with your Faceologist.


What you need to know:

1.  Please make the appointment with your Faceologist directly; Arianna 503-866-6945, Desi 971-404-1744 or for Genelle book below.

2. Your container must be cleaned with label intact.

 Refill prices are:

Luxe Eye Gelly Treat $39.

Luxe Potion $59.

Luxe Hydra Bomb $38.

Luxe Hydra Drench Mask $38.

Raspberry Clay Mask $39.

Turmeric Clay Mask $39.