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Chemo, Compromised Skin & Counteracting Skin Aging

Autoimmune disorders and cancer treatments are likely to compromise skin and besides feeling the effect of these treatments, it shows. Chances are you or someone you know has an autoimmune disorder or is going through cancer. Unfortunately ALL cells (including good juicy skin cells) get destroyed with the medications, chemotherapy and radiation accelerating the signs of aging. The information in this blog is to help you or someone you know that is impacted with compromised skin because of medications or treatments enacting such sensitivities.

As people get older, they may notice changes in their appearance like wrinkles, puffiness, and dry skin. These are normal signs of aging, but certain treatments can speed up the process.

People who suffer from chronic illness or cancer, feeling better about themselves can make a big difference in their fight against these. For those who survive daily, dealing with these, boosting self-esteem can help them with the fight for comfort. Let's shift our attention to all the positive vibes that make us feel refreshed and at ease when living with these difficulties!

Chemotherapy causes people to feel like they are aging quickly. The skin loses moisture, leading to wrinkles, collagen and elastin break down, weakening the skin's structure, and subcutaneous tissue diminishes, especially if the person lacks proper nutrition. This can also happen to someone who has an autoimmune disorder (or several) causing side-effects from the medications.

For helping our juicy cells on the inside stay firm and plump the goal is to motivate you and others to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. I know, I know, this is a broken record but the enzymatic functions in our skin rely on adequate water intake. It's also crucial to reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, and other substances that can lead to dehydration and let's face it water can get boring! I highly suggest drinking decaf teas that aide in hydration and digestions. Additionally, avoiding fat-free diets is essential as they can cause a deficiency in essential fatty acids. This deficiency can negatively impact the health of the keratinocyte cell membrane due to low levels of epidermal lipids.

Offer yourself a deserving daily ritual! It can be a good book in a cozy area, sitting on your porch, yoga or a walk in the park or watching the sunset or it may be a comedy you've seen many times, but the point is to indulge in a ritual to ignite your spark. I like the idea of all of these rituals but while drinking healthful cups of tea to stay hydrated. I like to get my teas from Cup Of Tea in Clackamas. Going into their cozy store and asking the experts for their best tea for hydration and digestion or a feel good tea gives us something to look forward to when we make our teas at home. I highly recommend this route for a feel good ritual. If this isn't your cup of tea (pun intended) order teas from Republic Of Tea and have it delivered. They have a big variety of feel good teas made in California. I like this company as they are big on philanthropy and clean sourcing. Trust me I've done my research!

At any stage of your compromised or sensitive skin it's important to take care of it on the outside as it is on the inside.

It is imperative that when someone is undergoing chemotherapy they should never use products or have esthetic procedures that are aggressive. It's crucial to Use strong sun protection, as the skin may be sensitive during chemotherapy and more prone to burning.

At the moment I do not make one but highly recommend Color Science brush on powder SPF 50. It's essential to maintain skin moisture throughout treatment and aim to preserve a youthful and healthy appearance. The key to skincare during chemotherapy is to focus on elasticity, soothing, hydrating, and shielding the skin. Regularly using moisturizers can help prevent dryness, itching, and skin tears, especially for individuals with weakened immune systems. Keep an eye on dry lips, as certain medications can lead to dry mouth. Along with moisturizing, use skincare products that lock in moisture.

Applying humectants and hydrating masks provides instant relief, but long-term prevention of water loss requires occlusive agents. Our top products that retain moisture and give relief are; Luxe Potion, Hydra Boost Toner, Luxe Serum and/or Hydra Bomb Eye & Face Cream and Luxe Lips (shown above). All have humectant qualities that are moisture rich. A great mask that can be used daily is Hydra Drench. It's important to give ourselves daily feel good rituals for us to want to conquer our day. Maybe apply a mask while sipping tea and watching a marathon of Schitt's Creek will do the trick.

Another way to help the skin to start to recover and regain its status to the new normal, as the opportunity arises are the application of anti-aging treatments and products. Find a trained and experienced Esthetician that knows the treatments to use with products on compromised skin that contain antioxidants and certain gentle exfoliants once they are in recovery. When one is going through treatments or have a flair up (autoimmune) your Esthetician should know what to use and what to do to give you comfort.

Exfoliating with extra finely ground bamboo mixed with Coq10, frankincense, lemon, vitamins and loaded with hydrating antioxidants provide very gentle mechanical exfoliation with ultra hydrating skin building benefits. These ingredients are in our NEW peel used in our Luxe Oncology Facial. Anyone can get this treatment that is shy about getting facials or having compromised skin caused by your current life event.

No matter what caused your skin to be compromised having a badass posse to support you with methods and answers helps to alleviate some discomfort and are essential for better days ahead! Never forget how beautiful you already are.

Genelle Holub


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