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Spa Party

Face It Skin is very excited to bring you, Sparty!

What is Sparty? Sparty is an inclusive celebration for ALL ages that provides an opportunity to enhance one self's inner and outer beauty.  Attendees will leave feeling more empowered  with a fresh outlook for making healthier beauty choices, based on individual needs.  Sparties will include building on the “believe in you” and “love your look" mentality, while shedding light on the hidden truths within the beauty industry and emphasizing on the importance of clean beauty.  At the Sparty we will teach you everything you need for your own at home facial while you get your glow on, participating doing your facial with girlfriends.


For the younger ladies Marlee Coe, our beauty queen teen, can bring the Sparty to you and celebrate within the comforts of your own home or, for ALL ages, we can Sparty it up at the Face It location, using the small gym at Aspire Total Fitness.  Every setup will provide a relaxing, spa-like ambience, which will include touches from nature, candles, coordinating headbands, cucumber water, and of course, Face It skincare products. 

Party goers need to be at least 10 and if you’re over 21 Genelle will have the bubbly theme for you!  Now let’s Sparty!

~ Genelle & Marlee

$325 & up.  4 to 10 people.

Contact Genelle:  503-706-9679

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