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Double-Duty Makeup

Also known as Hybrid Makeup. What is this growing phenomenon? Hybrid makeup is doing double-duty by using just one product. Who has the time to do traditional makeup anymore? Years ago skin care solutions that delivered multiple benefits in one product—such as a hydrating, collagen-boosting reparative creams or SPF-infused daily serums.

Ahead of the makeup hybrid scene, two years ago recognizing a response to consumers’ desire for a lightweight complexion product with skin care benefits, it was time to finally let traditional makeup go and create a line that was all hybrid. It's been a gift developing with intention and emotion to bring forward skin-care-worthy ingredients to achieve the desired effects of Face It Skin skincare and hybrid makeup. Well now, we are better....we’re seeing a rise in “do-it-all” makeup solutions that offer the best in both skin care and cosmetics with a focus on powerhouse skin-friendly ingredients, all bolstered by extra-effective less waste packaging. I mean come on look at the woman below. We juggle so much we shouldn't juggle time consuming makeup that requires so many steps with everything we are already thinking about.

Our history is a new path that started years ago with our foundations giving new meaning to a fresh start. Sun protection is high on today’s consumer priority list in skin care; products that can deliver cosmetic functionality to boot are hitting the skin care-sun care-makeup trifecta. An example is our Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 which is your foundation and sunscreen that blurs imperfections and provides a satiny finish to skin. This clean beauty foundation is actually 3-in-1. It is broad spectrum sunscreen, foundation that doesn't just cover but blurs imperfections. The lightweight and breathable formula lets skin be beautiful with a medium coverage without compromising the complexion!

The way Face It Skin is giving women flawless skin is through products both skincare and makeup that work on the health of the skin. Women are busy and don’t want to spend precious daily time to be perfect with their makeup. They want foolproof, effortless products that they can apply quickly. That is what Face It Skin is all about! Learn more about our Tinted Moisturizers.

We are excited to launch our newest release—our supercharged, skin-loving texture forward, with an emotional makeup design, is our Dual Action Concealer. This graceful aging concealer helps to gradually improve skin's texture while neutralizing dark circles. Eyes look beautifully refreshed and radiant. Its medium coverage formula provides continuous hydration and a natural longwearing finish. I do love a good peptide! With Tetrapeptide 5 it works on multiple pathways to depuff, smooth, brighten and improve elasticity around the eyes. Dermal Filler helps restore skin volume and smooth away fine wrinkles, providing a continuous release of Sodium Hyaluronate for deep hydration throughout the day.

Caffeine stimulates micro-circulation, contains powerful antioxidants and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Matrixyl® Synthe 6™ is an advanced ceramide peptide with long-term wrinkle smoothing benefits. Visibly helps correct skin imperfections and helps diminish the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Soft Focus Pearls help to minimize the appearance of imperfections and fine lines by reflecting light. Marine Filling Collagen Micro-Spheres absorb natural moisture, plumping skin and smoothing the epidermal layer. We have 2 shades in stock; Light/Medium and Light Peach with 2 more on the way.

Taking hybrid makeup that is clean beauty to the next level I decided to come out with a dual-purpose gloss last year. This luxurious glossy tint, infused with a subtle hint of cinnamon, exudes sophistication when applied to both cheeks and lips. Our Luxury Cheek & Lip Tints come in 8 shades, giving more color to the lips when wearing our Waterproof Lip Liner or a true gloss without and gives just a hint of color to cheeks while giving gorgeous highlights.

Our Color Sticks are ultra modern, multi functional, jewel-like demi-matte that glides on smoothly and shines brilliantly.  To be used on cheeks, eyes, and lips it has a retractable crayon component that ensures ease of application.  No sharpening required.  Our skin loves the blend of Shea, Cocoa and Illipe (Shorea) butters - to smooth and condition lips. Squalane softens and conditions cheeks. Vitamins C & E are anti-aging while providing antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors. Use with our vegan cosmetic brushes or just your fingers. For eyes use our Finishing Powder as a base coat and apply any shade as eyeshadow over the top. These are great for a monochromatic look using 1 color on eyes, cheeks and lips. Mistake proof!!!!!! Learn more.

Just when you thought it couldn't get even more simple...our Finishing Powders have real pearls in them to blur our imperfections while leaving a gorgeous satin finish and can be used as your foundation OR over the top of our Tinted Moisturizers for more coverage. Just one shade is so user friendly it works for 2 skin tones. These mineral powders are refillable to save you money and waste for our environment. Apply with our Best Ever Kabuki Brush.

And another multi-use blush/shadow product? Our hybrid powders (shown above) are our creamy Cheek & Eye Powder that is pigment packed and dazzling delivering rich, opaque color with a foil finish to create a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, prismatic effect with a single sweep. Super soft and blend-able, these can be sheer or give a sophisticated, subtle glow with hours of crease-resistant wear. A unbelievably buttery, glimmering powder applies smoothly and effortlessly to cheeks and eyelids that accent features with metallic, light-catching color. Choose from 3 shades but I am working on another shade, stay tuned.

We want hybrid products to give immediate results—be it concealing, highlighting, contouring or setting, while also providing longer-term benefits for the skin long after the makeup comes off. To do so effectively, each of our formulas is fortified with nourishing, plant-based ingredients with proven ability to help visibly enhance the appearance of skin. Lately, our customers have been thoroughly enjoying formulas with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe vera, caffeine, green tea extract and cocoa or cinnamon.

To get the look above use: Light/Medium Dual Concealer, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 setting with our Finishing Powder. Wear Zoe Color Stick on eyes and cheeks and for a pop of color to dress it up our Red Carpet Red Lipstick with Maraschino Waterproof Lip Liner. This is seriously the best red ever and changes depending on the shade of lip liner used. Smart!

With a need for more color we also have 5 beautiful Cheek & Eye Powder pans in a firmer formula for eyeshadow and blush. Our multi-use blush & shadow pan is a luxurious formula free of oils, talc and fragrance. These give the skin a natural vitality and a fresh glow and offer micro-fine, sheer and silky, these easy to wear shades add the perfect touch of color. Make your own compact by placing these pans in our silver papered mirror compact! See more.

Face It Skin products transform your skincare and makeup routine into functional creations with visible results that you can spend less time doing. All of our hybrid makeup is European registered while our skincare follows all of the guidelines. The development of Face It Skin has been fun, emotional and intentional for you. I am so proud to say, after a year long wait, we are officially a registered trademark company.

To learn more about all of our products and/or services feel free to make an appointment at or contact me directly:

It's always a pleasure! ~ Genelle



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