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Ingredient Spotlight of Luxe Serum

Updated: Mar 12

The serum that started the Face It Skin line!

Luxe Serum, an amazing skin care serum designed to mimic skins acid mantle, a natural substance our skin produces to protect it. With organic ingredients, made in Oregon, Luxe Serum penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver silky and soft results that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and enriched with vitamins to hydrate and nourish your skin. Rosehip Oil is loaded with Vitamin A and promotes more cell turnover and is just 1 ingredient that improves your skin.

This bottle of goodness was made with so much love! You may or may not know, Luxe Serum was designed for more than just anti-aging and clearing skin. It was made for those with compromised skin from chemotherapy or other disruptions of your skin or skin disorders. My father was my first product tester, for our first product, and Luxe Serum gave him so much relief with his battle. Thank you dad for this little bottle of loving

perfection! If you or someone you know has compromised skin in some way,


Genelle Holub


Skin texture queen.

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