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Mature Beauty Trends!

Let's get comfortable...aging.

There is finally a shift toward healthy aging and embracing mature beauty. It's all about the health. If I feel good, I want to look good and If I look good I feel amazing. Our attitude is huge with all of this. Social influencers have begun to discuss realistic aging and a desire for natural looks and industry leaders are embracing the aging process (yay!). This is something I've been doing for years (aging that is). In this blog I am sharing helpful tips and trends with you.

Meet-ups! The first trend that is only going to grow is meet-ups. With the aging process and seeking ways to enhance our natural beauty AND lifestyle it's about being transparent and having conversations about what's going on. Menopause, skin, hair, weight and our views and discussing how aging sucks is embraceable and respectable. Frustrating yet freeing. Our attitude has a lot to do with this and if we have arranged ourselves with others nearing or experiencing these we do better!

Consider this blog our first meet-up and I'll start the conversation: Just did my yearly checkup and wanted to discuss belly fat and menopause (again). I have looser belly fat than I use to (always had a cupcake there..) and I learned that our weight shifts as we age because of muscle loss and other factors but menopause really can bring it on because our bodies are hormonally changing. I had a friend tell me that taking estrogen will help but, since I have a high risk of cancer in my family that's a hard, "no" from my doctor. Taking hormonal supplements do have side effects and this is one of them. So I have gone through menopause naturally and am on the other side, post menopausal. Changes occur as we age and it's time we embrace our changes. It's nothing new as we have been aging since birth!

Going grey is okay! Did you know grey highlights are very popular at any age? It's a total thing. This trend is also here to stay and I am going for it. I am letting my natural hair color come through now, like it or not I am! I am such a skin glam girl and skincare & makeup are my jam and have chose to let the hair go (not that you have to), healthily. I want healthy salt & pepper hair and I am going to have it! Is there something you want to do that is freeing?

Fun. Do something different and fun like hiking a new trail, take up kayaking or canoeing, paddle boarding or an art class. I just did paddle boarding last summer and found it challenging and fun. I've also done snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe, ziplining and indoor parachuting. Everyday we get to begin again at any age! Can you believe this? Everyday is a new beginning. It's not just a stage but a start of your new beginning, daily. Try to schedule a meet-up with some friends and go or reconnect with your main-squeeze and make it a date! My husband Tim has done all of these with me. What's next on my list is an aerial class (without Tim).

Consult! Consult and build a relationship with a specialist based on what your needs are. As a Makeup Artist & Esthetician I know we need to change things up seasonally or biannually with our skin so it's a good idea to establish a skin relationship with an Esthetician. Going through menopause means protecting the skin barrier because it's a foundational necessity with our skin changing and we need to adjust with it. Whatever your adjustment is, it's okay, we got you! You might benefit from an Acupuncturist best or a Personal Trainer. In my world getting facials using plant-based products designed to combat hormonal imbalance symptoms caused by menopause such as fatigue, mood instability, brain fog, and anxiety help you feel "back on track." The textures, smells and results from ingredients used in carefully curated products is huge! Being able to take these natural skin spa products with you for home self-care is an added bonus. Stay away from toxic chemical formulas as they will mess with your hormones and seek lines based on Neurocosmetics!

Get the no makeup look. It is so freeing! Start with HIGH quality skin care to achieve a “No Makeup” look. There is nothing better than when clients say they love their skin so much they want to show it off!!! When you take care of your skin and have a routine that works for you, a “no makeup” look comes naturally. A simple at-home skin care routine is what I recommend, which often includes a cleanser, moisturizer, healthy aging serum, and a nighttime retinol, along with a physical sunscreen. A solid skin care routine using higher grade skin care products will help you achieve that fresh dewy smooth no-makeup look. Focus on products to plump, brighten skin and discovering smooth skin solutions supported through full skin care rituals and treatments designed to provide multiple benefits for your skin. Luxe Serum and/or Rose Glow Balm are beautiful products to give you that stunning no makeup look. To get the models look in pic follow these steps: after cleansing use Luxe Potion, Hydra Boost Toner, Luxe Serum then Rose Glow Balm. I then apply a little Brow Ink on my eyebrows and use our new Dual Action Creamy Concealer (coming soon in all shades) with Luxetastic Mascara and Luxe Lips. Because the skin is not being treated with many skin care or makeup products, there is less of a chance for ingredient interactions to cause irritation. This also means that the fewer products being used have more of a chance for deep product penetration. As estheticians, we know that recommending a 10-step skin care routine can be overwhelming for clients who are new to using home care products. We also know skin cannot absorb this many products so lighten the load.

*Make an appointment with Emily or myself to go over these things with you!

Streamlining, another trend not going anywhere. Streamlining processes is the practice of identifying and removing unnecessary or repetitive steps in a process to make it more efficient and effective. The goal is to reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. I apply this to beauty of course. I suggest 7 skincare products which includes both day & nighttime for streamlining your beauty care. Let's keep it minimalistic for skin success. When skin is overworked, or over filled it shows. Multi-beneficial skin care products like dual serums, and products with a dual purpose that include peptides or antioxidants or moisturizers truly are streamlined products. For streamlining makeup use concealer to look rested, fill in your brows and give a little color to cheeks and lips simultaneously with our Hybrid Lip Gloss that comes in 7 shades. You'll want to wear the same shade on lips and cheeks to stay uniform and natural. For a more a special occasion glammed up look do a full face of makeup and add our hybrid gloss over your blush and lipstick for a polished professional look. See? Streamlined.

Go trendy but timeless! Go get those wide leg cropped jeans or flowing longer pants or bring out those cropped straight cuffed pants that never go out of style and partner with that trendy pair of shoes and handbag. Life is worth stepping out for and you might as well look good doing it in some trendy wearing outfits. Think timeless, chic, and sophisticated with a trendy twist. Some staples you should have are a white blazer, a cream blouse, a simple solid color t-shirt and a black sweater; pieces that won’t fade away.

Accessories are fun with these outfits! While they are of course functional, they can be transformational for your outfit. A lot of designers are playing around with bag sizes—oversized, super tiny. A woman carrying a 'power' bag demands attention. Wear color. Don't be afraid of that emerald green pair of shoes or handbag or that fuchsia dress. Have fun with what you are attracted to. Keep in mind big chunky jewelry will detract from the outfit and I think that more often than not it looks unsophisticated and cheap. It can make an outfit pop in the wrong way. It’s chicer to err on the side of minimalism. The point freshen up your looks and step out! I look to Pinterest for ideas but here is a video I love and am sharing with you for a fast fun watch to get you revved about fashion at any beautiful age:

Well, that video about sums it up! Thank you for reading my blog and engaging. Remember having your health is the new wealth, another day is a bright new beginning so be good to you and let's share our experiences in life with those who have not experienced it yet. It's priceless.

~ Genelle Holub


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