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Medications & Skin Health

Are you on medication to improve cholesterol, high blood pressure, acne or anxiety? These medications will change your skin health and your Esthetician should know to address your treatments properly. Let's cover some of the most common medications Estheticians need to know about.

The outcome of your skin health is an Estheticians top priority for your skin concerns. Whether you see us for anti-aging, acne or sensitivity, or relaxation an Esthetician should ask if you are taking medications. Medications like the ones mentioned in this blog will probably sensitize your skin immunity, creating a compromised barrier. This determines for us, how aggressive we should be or not be. Our skin goal for you, is to provide you with the best outcome for your skin specifics!

Keep in mind dermatologists treat and diagnose skin disorders as your Esthetician it's important we make sure your skin is comfortable while on these medications.

We are the experts when it comes to your skin's texture!

Cholesterol medications

Known as statins, these are known to cause sore muscles (myotoxicity) and possible damage to the liver (hepatotoxicity), which are the most frequently reported side effects and always discussed with your doctor. As your Esthetician, we know, statins have been linked to various skin conditions such as eczema, skin related form of lupus (SLE), deficiency in enzymes, blisters on the skin and sun (photo) sensitivity. Knowing this we can treat your skin properly and provide you with some relief.

We suggest slowly adding humectants to your skin like Luxe Potion and Hydra Boost Toner or your favorite humectant hydrator.

Anxiety meds

Many of us are on an antidepressant. These can cause skin-related side effects such as; excess sweating, skin itching or acne or develop dry skin or eczema, with it appearing in the first few days to weeks after you start the medication. Skin reactions can typically go away but if they do no go away on their own here are some tips to alleviate the symptoms: Mix equal parts Luxe Potion and Luxe Serum then spray with Hydra Boost Toner.

These will be a boost to hydration and moisture for your skin!

"I believe confidence is the best accessory, but skincare is a close second!" ~ Genelle

Acne medication topical and oral

Do double duty to your skin so expect side effects. Physicians/Dermatologists most commonly select from 3 classes of medications (tetracyclines, macrolides, and clindamycin) when indicating oral (or topical) antibiotics for the treatment of acne. These do enter the blood stream so monitor any unusual activity in your body and on your skin daily. The potential harms or adverse effects of these could be dizziness, headaches, light sensitivity (sun), nauseousness (especially in teens), dry, flaky sensitive skin. Here are some natural remedies: Drink digestion tea like Organic Mint Fields iced or cucumber water! Topically, be sure to cleanse face and body with lukewarm water not hot and using Luxe Cleanser or Clean & Soft Cleanser for the face and for body, Luxe Foaming Oil Body Wash followed with Luscious Body Cream for full body relief!

This can be overwhelming. We get that!

With so many products on the market it is overwhelming when trying to choose the right skincare and then to deal with the medication factor to help your skin, many just give up! Having an established relationship with a licensed educated Esthetician that has the resources to assist you is crucial. An educated Esthetician with certain resources will give you results.

Now, continuing to our last medication on our list...

High blood pressure medication

Studies have shown a strong correlation between high blood pressure and skin wrinkling, especially in females, 40+ years old. Dry skin/rapid wrinkling may be the result of lack of oxygen flow. Other side effects could be frequent urination, dehydrated skin, drier hair and brittle nails. Try eating more foods that improve oxygen levels!

Foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and active compounds and have an alkaline pH (my love of pH is huge), essential for keeping optimal blood flow and oxygen levels in the system.; lemons, spinach, avocados, turmeric, grapes, nuts and carrots just to name a few!

 Luxe Serum rubbed on cuticles and throughout hair besides your skin, Hydra Boost Toner can be sprayed on body and hair too and any of the above mentioned products!

The point of

Any of this is that besides external factors affecting your skin like the change in weather, over exfoliating, using the wrong products or stress can all compromise your skin besides the medications you are on. Be diligent and partner yourself with a professional to take care of your skin health as you will wear it your whole life! At Face It our consultations are free and can be by phone or virtual!

Be hydrated & glowing,

Genelle Holub


Founder of Face It

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