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If you are new to the industry or to Face It we have a nice facial starter kit for you.  This kit includes:

1  Luxe Cleanser (6 oz.),

1 Purefect Charcoal Cleanser (32 oz.)

1 Hydra Boost Toner (6 oz.),

1 Glow Mask,

1 Raspberry Clay Mask (8oz)

1 Hdyra Drench Mask (8 oz.),

1 Rosheip Peel (8oz.)

1 Probelm Skin Elixir,

1 Luxe Potion (32 oz)

2 Luxe Serum (2 oz total).

1 Luxe Lips

10 Information Cards


Ingredient Lists

Training via zoom with Genelle (founder)

This is everything you need for the Luxe Oncology Facial, Dermaplaning or Peel Facial at a very affordable price to get you started!  You should get atleast 12 facials if not more from this kit!

Luxe Starter Kit For New Esty!

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