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Better ingredients
for gorgeous skin.

Face It is a by appointment run business.


Face It products are created to be honest about clean beauty!  Face It Skin makeup & skincare is a healthy, multi-function use line with an array of colors and textures that are European Registered and/or follows E.U. guidelines.  Our motto; "better ingredients to benefit greater gorgeous skin."  What does this mean?


Face It standards are that of the European standards as we do not make toxic skin products but products that give radiant results for your skin issues.  Made in the USA and sourced locally we also believe in honest business practices and are not here to pressure sell to make a sales quota as our products should sell themselves!  We will sample you in most products for free, so “try before you buy!”

Our Most Popular Products

Rose Glow Balm
Luxe Lips
Luxe Potion
Luxe Serum

Need a product refill or color match on concealer or foundation?

Make a product pickup appointment online or with your Faceologist directlly. 

Product Pick Up I Monday - Thursday, 8:30-11:30am & 3:45-7:30pm I Saturday & Sunday, 8-11:30am


Everything about skin, for skin. 



Because Face It products are created to be honest about clean beauty, while uniquely made in Oregon & the USA. we strive to source everything local.  Genelle uses her custom created products and personally developed facials for you and remains hands on. Always changing it up based on your lifestyle and skin needs, for radiant realistic results.  This unique multi-function line has an array textures and colors that resonate with

"skin being the new makeup!"

 Check out our custom boutique products where we have only your best interest.  Book Champagne Shopping with one of our Faceologists for a personal glam shopping experience! Products are local and made with love.

Questions about which product is best for your skin?



"Genelle makes my skin feel refreshed and clear. I get a facial once/month, my skin wouldn't be the same without her expertise." 

Essential Looks & Products

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