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Expensively Priced Skincare Is Better...right???

Your on Rodeo Drive and see Bentley cars, Chanel handbags and that store Julia Roberts character was at during the filming of Pretty Woman. This has set the standard for high quality goods but in the skincare and makeup world it's not all kisses and gloss.

Shopping on Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills

It's all marketing and packaging when it should be about the product affecting your skin. You see, in one part of my world when you are manufacturing it's all about getting the secret ingredient and partnering it with the supporting ingredients for it to be supreme (not the gold lid). This makes an effective standout product better and the only thing that matters to the developer, their team and hopefully the consumer. We need to retrain ourselves to not "buy" into the fancy packaging and convincing marketing schemes as these should not be of high importance. After all these elements don't go on your face and nobody can see the word Gucci on your cheeks or forehead. Make sense?

Clean beauty mascara
Model Wears Luxetastic Lash Mascara

Buying clean beauty products that are truly clean are the Rodeo Drive of the cosmetics world. Your skin is a natural chemical and reacts better to other natural chemicals used on it. Now, add in some proprietary ingredients such as; acids, vitamins for better product absorption, and natural scents (not parfum) and the reaction is that of a glowing diamond. Let's continue to explore how you know the difference.

Read the ingredients and see if the first ingredient is water, deionized water or an organic ingredient like aloe vera. Here's the difference: water that is not filtered but deionized is 3x filtered for extra purity and is the only water used in Face It products if water is needed. This is more expensive to do but worth it! Deionization is the chemical process in which ion-exchange resins exchange hydrogen and hydroxide ions for the dissolved materials, forming pure water. If we are not using this special water then we are using organic aloe vera that contains over 30 amino acids skin needs. Both start the blending of our curated products.

Luxury Serum
Face It Skin Luxe Serum

Texture and feel. A product's formula can also change the way it feels on the skin. This could be a result of groundbreaking proprietary ingredients but, more often, it's just the addition or reduction of filler ingredients (like silicones, for example) that don't make much of a difference to the skin. What they do accomplish, however, is make the product feel more elevated or luxurious when applied. Think of a gooey consistency versus a silky concoction. Chances are, you'll pay extra for that elegant texture even if it produces the same results as the tackier formula. Thank goodness our products texture and feel are from the proprietary ingredients themselves.

Potency. It's important to keep in mind, though, that there are many affordable moisturizers that will have the same effective active ingredients as their expensive counterparts—they just won’t contain nearly as much of those effective ingredients. Having a higher potency of effective ingredients is my marketing choice because when the consumer feels and sees the results of our product used, the product sells itself.

Luxe Potion, Face It, Skincare
Premium Ingredients

Achieving effective skincare and makeup doesn't have to be super expensive. Instead of splurging on a super expensive cream, focus on selecting clean beauty products with the right ingredients and potency for optimal results. Prioritizing ingredient knowledge over price tags can lead to a more impactful soulful skincare routine.

So, when you're deciding between purchasing a $325 cream that is .5 oz or a more affordable option on Amazon, Target or at Costco, you're essentially choosing between paying for fancy packaging that will end up in the trash OR potentially sacrificing the effectiveness of the product due to unknown ingredients mass made.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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