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A Good Cleanse Starts The Glow!

Falling into our new season will have your skin confused and you irritated. This may be where you need to listen to your skin and change up some products that were great in Summer but not now. Face It Skin cleansers are all smart cleansers and made to work together by mixing them or alternating morning and evening ( desired). Besides booking your seasonal facial here is what you can do to help the transition...

Use alone or mix Clean & Soft Cleanser with your current cleanser. Being a skin conditioner, cleanser and makeup remover all rolled into one this smart cleanser is made with; carrot & hazelnut oils, avocado, rose wax, bee balm and many more organic ingredients. These soothe skin and provide it with penetrating botanicals & vitamins skin needs topically. By mixing it with Luxe Cleanser or Purefect Charcoal Cleanser you are helping your skin transition effortlessly without that dry itchy feeling.

Remove with a warm washcloth.

For all skin types Luxe Cleanser cleans deeply without stripping while softening your skin. Is your oily or acne prone skin feeling a little too tight? Mix this with Purefect Charcoal Cleanser to get that right balance your skin needs right now.

The acidity of pink grapefruit in this aids clearing up skin yet aloe vera and sunflower hydrates without activating breakouts. Can be rinsed with water or removed with warm washcloth.

This pure-effect cleanser clears up acne, oil and congestion for normal to oily peeps. We use the whole coconut with this lovely treat by burning the shell and making our own charcoal to rid impurities then using the rest of the coconut to get a rich lather! When creating this I chose cucumber, comfrey leaf, reishi, lavender and ylang oil to keep skin from getting inflamed. If you need to soften this effect mix with any of the two cleansers above!

As always when done cleansing follow with Luxe Potion and Hydra Boost Toner!

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