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Let's Talk Topical Botox (Hexapeptides)!

Oh yea, who doesn't love a good anti-aging ingredient (hexapeptide)? Let me explain.

I am in love with natural effective ingredients like; salicylic acid from the willow bark tree or glycolic acid from sugar cane which are used widely at Face It. Well, there is an ingredient that is in some Face It Skin products that I always overlook but will now spotlight: Hexapeptide.

Peptides are actually very common components of skincare products but this one acts in a fashion similar to Botox. Hexapeptide-3 relaxes facial tension which can reduce the appearance of superficial facial lines and wrinkles with regular use. Also known as argireline is a synthetic anti-aging cosmetic peptide derived from natural proteins. Now, this is made in the lab but pulled from a natural protein and this is the reason I love it! Our skin recognizes the natural protein and this ingredient really works!

Found in Face It Skin TURMERIC & RASPBERRY CLAY MASKS, and professional use clay based peels our ROSEHIP and BLUEBERRY do not disappoint. This peptide has been attributed to decreasing wrinkle formation by binding to the proteins thus blocking the production of neurotransmitter which then reduces facial muscle contraction. It has been used as a replacement for Botox. It is absorbed deeply through the skin and with time gets more effective. It also brightens and evens out skin texture and makes a great makeup base!

So, for in between your facial injections (or not) come in for a facial and ask for our peels, and grab a jar of either clay mask (or both) for these astounding line firming products.

~ Genelle

PS: Be on the lookout in 2024 for a new product focusing solely with this ingredient!

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