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Afterglow has a few meanings; the glow left behind after the sun sets, or a secondary glow from the embers in the fire or the feeling of glory and triumph. If you are reading this then you know for me it's that feeling you get when you see your afterglow from visiting your esthetician. Ya baby!

That perfect afterglow you get is a lot of education and experience from your esthetician. To achieve this without compromising the skin barrier (making you more sensitive) takes the right balance of damaging and nourishing the skin simultaneously. The ability to see even the slightest reaction of the skin from a product is crucial to know what the next step is by the esthetician. The esthetics and beauty industry has dramatically grown nation wide in just 3 years and is continuing to rise. With so many beauty businesses popping up in the last few years, thousands have decided this is the career for them. Franchises are everywhere with business plans that looks great on paper but this isn't a paper and ink business, it's a relationship based business that is ongoing. It takes a unique person to want to care for skin in this way to be successful in this profession.

Going through the motions of a facial can be taught but the passion for reading (seeing) the skin in a certain way cannot be taught and takes years of dedication practicing on skin, a lot. Recently I worked an esthetics event visiting with hundreds in the business it was interesting realizing that maybe 3% that I spoke with had that skin passion and spark and of course we were drawn to each other. You know who you are because you have the "it" factor. That skin passion & spark.

Esthetics education has undergone a significant transformation, with the duration of the program reduced to just 12 weeks years ago. For me it was balancing college while freelancing as a makeup artist who always focused on skincare and attending one year of esthetics school. Having this all, was such a valuable triangle of education encompassing what I learned before entering my practice.

My point? Call, text, email and consult before you decide where to go and/or get a few recommendations. The face is so personal as we all see it, and communicate with it so naturally want to look our best. Seek professionals that speak your skin language, that know the skin & the final results you desire. Additionally, look for a pro who sought guidance from someone who has training and mentoring by experts in this specialized skin texture profession.

Thank you for reading my blogs!

~ Genelle


Founder of Face It Aesthetics

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