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The Benefit Of Supporting Small Businesses

I have read so many concerns by local businesses not having the business like they used to. I can't deny there has been a significant shift, I am feeling it too. Local businesses play a vital role in our economy, and it is essential to show support. These small enterprises are the foundation of our communities and contribute significantly to economic development. Whether it's an independently owned cosmetic store or a dog washing establishment, fitness business or eatery, backing local businesses not only helps us succeed but also has a positive impact on our community. Because it can be more difficult for small businesses to stay relevant, they constantly have to work on adding new products to their shelves and new benefits for their customers.

By supporting your local businesses, (not all are shown above) you are not only boosting the local economy but also adding to the charm of your neighborhood. When you shop at small businesses in your area, you are playing a part in maintaining a lively and diverse community. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of this and make it a point to support local businesses as well. Here are some compelling reasons to support local.

Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

In today's world, dominated by large corporations (chains), it's easy to overlook the power of small businesses. But beyond the friendly faces and local charm, supporting small businesses brings a surprising wealth of benefits, rippling outwards to positively impact your community and the economy. Here's why you should consciously choose to shop small:

Community Cornerstones.  Small businesses are often the backbone of a community. They create jobs for your neighbors, sponsor local events /schools, and contribute to the unique character of your town. By supporting them, you're investing in the very fabric of your community. Small business owners tend to also sponsor, organize, and host local events to maintain a lively community. Trust me small businesses are doing this even if you personally do not hear about it.

Economic Engine. Small businesses create major jobs. Did you know every dollar spent at a small business stays within the local community, unlike large corporations that funnel profits elsewhere. This local economic boost benefits everyone.

Unique Products and Services. Small businesses often specialize in unique products, handcrafted goods, or services tailored to specific needs. Shopping small allows you to discover one-of-a-kind items and support local artisans who are passionate about their work.

Innovation and Choice.  Small businesses are nimble and responsive to customer needs. They're more likely to take risks on innovative products and cater to niche markets, fostering a diverse and dynamic marketplace.

Personalized Customer Service.  Small businesses prioritize building relationships with their customers. You'll experience a more personal touch, with friendly service and knowledgeable staff genuinely invested in your satisfaction.

Environmental Responsibility. Many small businesses prioritize sustainable practices and source products locally, reducing our carbon footprint. Supporting us allows you to participate in a more environmentally conscious shopping experience. For example, Face It labels are printed in Lake Oswego, packaging Seattle, California & Idaho while ingredients & manufacturing are 100% Oregon & USA crafted! I do this so our markets thrive! While the design of my label comes from a local graphic artist, Stilo Designs we use signage, note cards and more done by Olivia Grace Paper Co. another local business.

Building Relationships. Shopping small allows you to connect with the people behind the business. You can hear their stories, understand their passion, and feel good about directly supporting their dreams.

Supporting small businesses isn't just about getting a good deal; it's about making a conscious choice to create a positive impact. By shopping small, you're strengthening your community, fostering innovation, and investing in a more vibrant local economy. So next time you want to make a purchase, or walk into a chain, consider the ripple effect your decision can create. Choose small, and watch the positive waves spread outward!

You are also choosing quality over quantity. Small businesses prioritize craftsmanship and attention to detail, producing higher-quality products with care and expertise. By supporting small businesses you can ensure that you are getting exceptional-quality

products while contributing to the success of these local entrepreneurs. By consciously making these decisions, you are helping sustain your community's unique character while fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thank you to all who support local. You feed our passion, hard work and make us to want to keep going. I hope I've inspired you the next time you are in need of something special or simple yet impactful. Please share this blog to inspire others.


Face It Founder


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