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What is your skins relationship status?

As a Makeup Artist, Nutritional Esthetician, and cosmetics developer with years of experience working with so many people with many different concerns, I can say firsthand that social media has totally changed the way people think about skin care and the products purchased. Did you know that nearly half of the new products people are buying are based on something they saw on social media? 

people on phones shopping skincare
skin and social media

Everyday I hear clients bring up a new product or service, asking if it is legit because there is so much to see it confuses and overwhelms so many.  Who do you believe?  The ones on social media like TikTok that are not licensed? Remember they put themselves in a position to influence you for their gain, and is why they are called "influencers." By the time you have spent money on various products and the time using it to see if it works, you could have had a consultation with a licensed professional with samples to try out. One of the reasons I developed Face It Skin is to help give strong effective results and to make it simple and less confusing for everyone.  One of my motto’s, “skincare is selfcare so it should be something you are excited to do.”

In today’s world there are many trends that come and go.  I say follow some trends but the realistic ones as these will be more staple trends that don't go away. Below are a few that are here to stay.

1.Skin is the new makeup, so start with skin!  There is nothing better when clients say they feel confident in a “no makeup” look. When you have skincare that suits you, showing your skin off becomes effortless!  I recommend a simple at-home skin care routine, which includes a cleanser, hyaluronic acid, toner, moisturizer, serum, and nighttime retinol, along with a physical sunscreen daily. A solid skin care routine using an effective grade of skin care products (salicylic, glycolic, malic acids) will help you achieve that fresh dewy look you are going for. Top is off with a creamy skincare product with the natural mineral mica in it for a glow and you'll always want to show your skin off. Our Rose Glow Balm can blur out imperfections with a glow and is stunning alone or under makeup.

Love your skin.  models wearing no makeup.
skin is the new makeup

2. Training your cells. This year skin care won’t only focus on addressing client’s signs of aging; it’s training our cells to be fresher and younger. To achieve this, we need to do some wounding to the skin while promoting it to heal.  I call this, “controlled wounding!”  We do this with specialized services such as microneedling, dermaplaning or microdermabrasion with a peel and using light. It's not a one and done it's a self care commitment.

client getting a facial
skin, microdermabrasion, antiaging

I also see natural results with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment using clients blood cells to promote and speed up the skin’s healing process. PRP therapy has been around for a while now but is an innovative form of regenerative technique that amplifies the natural growth factors often found in our blood cells to help damaged tissue. During PRP treatments, they infuse these plasma-rich cells into the skin with careful precision. By utilizing client’s own cells, the PRP treatment will enhance your look and features with smoother results.  I get this done 1-2 x a year and maintain my microneedling and chemical peel treatments in-between!  Start with a basic facial like our Luxe Oncology Facial and go from there.

Thank you, Emily & Katelyn (my Esty besties!) for doing my facials.

3. Hybrid makeup which is make up with multiple uses and is rich in skincare activities!

model wearing hybrid makeup, Face It Skin
Before and after using Face It Skin hybrid makeup

This is newer and started as a trend, but

it is not going away! This makeup is made with skincare ingredients so it's a higher grade quality product than most because it is worn on lips & cheeks or lips, cheeks AND eyes. This takes the guess work out of which shades to use but also cuts your time in half. It's clean beauty that's made with the purpose of a lifestyle for those who have better things to do but want to look good no matter what. This look on the left is done with our Photo Touch Concealer under eyes, Color Stick in Zoe on eyelids, Face It Skin Hybrid Gloss in Uptown Girl on lips and cheeks, and Waterproof Lip liner in Naked and our lash building mineral mascara Luxtastic Lashes. Our hybrid glosses were designed for glossy tints on cheeks and lips where Color Sticks are worn on eyes, cheeks and lips and satin-like. Both come in many shades.

skin hydration. drink water
Beautiful woman drinking water

4. Nourishing skin from within is huge!  As a Nutritional Certified Esthetician real food and hydration are crucial for helping our cells stay younger!  Not drinking enough water can make your skin look older. Dehydration causes your body to pull water from your skin to maintain the concentration in your blood, which can cause your skin to feel dryer and lose elasticity, which causes wrinkles. Taking care of your body is not a trend but a lifestyle and, keeping an emotional support water bottle on hand is a skin care must and I hope you always have water on-hand. We advise all of our clients to intake half of their body weight in water ounces, daily.

5. Sleep is also another component that is important when talking about your aging skin. Your body (cells) heals your skin overnight, and if you are not getting your eight hours in, your skin will suffer. I’ve seen a recent increase in clients focusing on wellness as their selfcare because it is just that! 

Face It Skin skincare
Face It Skin High Quality Grade Products

High quality products, adequate diet, sleep and exercise is essential to improve the quality of your skin. Proper nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins (in skincare) and eating these, found in fruits and vegetables, along with moderate exercise can improve your circulation and boost the immune system, in turn leading to a more youthful appearance. 

And now we are full circle back to skincare. Using skincare that ignites a reaction from your brain boosts your immunity and mood too.  It’s all connected my friends!

Genelle Holub

Face It Skin



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