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Looking Good In Photos

An effortless task!

Working on the skin comes in 2 parts for me. The first part is getting skin looking it's best and the other part of my job is creating makeup that looks good on you for your daily life or events, in photos as well as in real life. Photo shoot makeup is all about a look that will translate well when captured on film or in an image, which can be quite different to what looks and feels good in real life. Wedding, formal or red carpet makeup is the real middle ground, because the person has to feel great in person while greeting and mingling, but they also want to look amazing in the photographs of the event. So, whatever the occasion, to save you from a camera reel of bad pictures, I’m bringing you my top makeup tips for how to look good in photos.



It won’t surprise you to hear me say it, but the key to your photo-ready makeup look is all about the skin! Skin is the hardest thing to manage for photos because natural, glowing skin looks great in real life but powdered matte skin in the t-zone while keeping cheekbones highlighted (or preferred area) often photographs better. As always you need to start with skin specialty!

Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying your makeup to give yourself a healthy base that’s free from dry skin, which can be a problem for photographs. Make sure your moisturizer or makeup does not have anything above an SPF 20 because this ensures you won't have a ghostly lighter gray cast to your skin as SPF is meant to block light/flash. If you are a dryer skin mix your usual foundation with a smidgeon of Rose Glow Balm and apply all over for a slightly dewy, luminous skin finish. Powder your t-zone then next use a light contour around your hair line and hugging up under cheek bones. This looks great in pictures! We know some cheek color, whether a sweep of natural bronze or a rosy blush, is a must on the apple of your cheeks going upward to temples (helps to highlight a hollowed temple).

For day-to-day makeup I try not to mask a little shine, but if you’re expecting to take a lot of pictures, use my Finishing Powder and sweep across your forehead, nose and chin to give a satin finish that will look good in photos. If you want a true matte any translucent powder will do.

Finish the look by adding highlights in the right places. The top of your cheekbones and the brow bones (under & above brow) are the key spots.


Whatever eye look you’re going for this season, there are two rules for photo-ready makeup. Firstly, make sure you curl your lashes. Personally, I suggest you curl them both before and after applying mascara, but it’s personal preference, always curl them before mascara though.

Secondly, always opt for waterproof yet healthy mineral mascara and apply three coats, allowing each one to semi dry so each coat is buildable yet not hard.

Our Luxtastic Lash Mascara is a perfect choice.


For long-lasting lipstick that will look good in photos all evening (and no matter how much champagne you go through) apply our Waterproof Lip Liner that matches your chosen lip color and apply all over your lips, let dry, then apply lip color. If you’re opting for a statement lip, a gloss finish looks great for photographs. Check out our Color Sticks and Hybrid Glosses. Maraschino Lip Liner is shown in pic.

As always I have your best glow at heart!

Thank you for reading my blog!

~ Genelle


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