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Love Your Natural Lashes!

As a Pro Makeup Artist I have done a lot of false eye lashes and applied hundreds of lash extensions before there were other options. I absolutely respect the individuals decision to have the lashes they want but also want you to know about healthier choices!

Let's talk about lash extensions. Lash extensions started many years ago to give women an option for having more lush lashes. The individual or tab of lashes is applied with glue to give a thicker fuller effect. These are meant to be worn temporarily (about 3 months) not year round. Your lashes naturally are not able to withstand the weight of the applied lashes with the glue that makes it heavy and eventually your own lashes break.

Many of the chemicals used in the glues are toxic and can cause not only irritation, but also potentially cause gland loss. The adhesive can block the glands along the edge of the eyelid (also called Meibomian glands), which secrete oils. Those oils are important to keep the eye surface healthy and prevent dry eye, adding that the extensions can potentially damage these glands so they don't function properly.

Eyelash extensions can also cause skin issues around the eye. The skin of the eyelids is very thin, some of the thinnest skin that we have on our whole body, and can easily cause irritated, red eyelids. My general consensus is that it’s safe to do for special occasions, but lash extensions shouldn’t be something you’re doing all the time or consistently reapplying without taking any breaks. If you are wearing these all the time you risk causing; infections, contact dermatitis and permanent loss of lashes.

Obviously you've figured out I am all for loving your own

lashes! If you do get lash extension please know the safest sets are individual lashes with a formaldehyde free glue and should be worn no more than 3-4 months (includes fills) shown here.

If you desire an effective natural method use an all natural lash growth serum and mineral mascara. You will fall in love with YOUR very own set of natural lashes using clean beauty products that make a dramatic difference, shown below in this video! ~ Genelle

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