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Age, Acne & Hormones

Do you or have you struggled with unexplained acne and are no longer going through puberty? Are you dealing with pigmentation spots caused by acne? Do you deal with larger pores and get hormonal breakout? So many women visit us and ask, "why am I getting acne when I am not a teenager?" Age is a factor in hormonal acne but different ages is for different reasons.

We expect teenagers to have acne. After all, their hormones are raging and they are going through major bodily changes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always stop there. Once you reach your 20’s and 30’s, acne can strike again, especially in women. Maybe you had a baby and your body needs to self regulate or you are per-menopausal. If you are past your teen years and are still experiencing acne or maybe you had baby soft skin during your teens and you are just now breaking out, these are signs its hormonal acne regardless of your age.

Acne type can be an indicator of how severe your acne is. There are different types of acne. Most often, acne consists of blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores that become infected (papules and pustules). In the above pic we consider this type of acne 1& 2 and is treatable by seeing your Esthetician. This can be from using products your skin is rejecting or unexpected stress. On the other hand, acne can also result in nodules and cysts. Nodules hurt. They are large, hard and go deeper into your skin and stay awhile. Cysts are also deep but can have pus and are softer. If you are experiencing large, hard bumps you are unable to “pop” (please stop trying, you don’t want to scar), these are likely related to adult hormone shifts and bacterial related. These are considered acne 3 & 4 and you should be considering an antibiotic if other methods have not worked. The pics below are 3 & 4 and should be treated orally by a Dermatologist and topically by your Esthetician. Remember Estheticians work on top of the skin where Dermatologists diagnose and prescribe.

 Below are some recommendations for your acne.

Be sure you know the topical products you are using or you'll be wasting your time and money by process of elimination when trying to figure out what to use.

Coconut Charcoal Purefect Cleanser is a skin clearing powerhouse designed to clear up acne at any age! The charcoal in this cleanser is a step above regular charcoal made from burning coconut shells which naturally pulls out more toxins, impurities and oils, leaving skin super soft and smooth for a squeaky clean feel.

Follow with Problem Skin Elixir.

Face It Skin Problem Skin Elixir is specifically formulated to address acne concerns. It contains Retinol, which is encapsulated in a vegetable cell to gradually release and accelerate the skin's natural cycle, effectively fading pigmented spots.

Additionally, the inclusion of Salicylic Acid is crucial in reducing inflammation, redness, and unclogging pores. It has been tested on individuals with real skin issues and has shown remarkable results in speeding up cell turnover for hormonal acne, minimizing blackheads and whiteheads, and fading acne-related pigmentation. Moreover, it deeply cleanses pores, resulting in a tighter pore response and visibly reducing the appearance of large pores. Developed based on neuroscience, by adding rosemary, geranium cypress, milk thistle, lavender and other active goodness, this elixir is the ultimate solution for problem skin.

Clay Masks containing turmeric are a great way to reduce inflammation caused by acne.

Luxe Turmeric Clay Mask possesses the unique ability to activate over 12 anti inflammatory compounds within the skin, as well as what are known as NRF2's. These little gifts are like super-antioxidants that do not get consumed in the free radical neutralization process the way other antioxidants, as vitamin C, do.  NRF2's neutralizes free radicals immediately & then stick around in the skin protecting our delicate collagen and skin structure from inflammation. An added bonus, it contains Hexapeptide-3 that blocks neurotransmitter receptors to block the use of facial muscles.  A topical Botox-like effect.

It is essential to use efficient skincare products that contain the appropriate amount of specific ingredients in order to achieve clear skin, regardless of your age and hormones. Skincare products that have an acidic nature, similar to the skin's pH level, help in maintaining a balanced complexion. These products primarily focus on the quality of ingredients, such as retinols and salicylic acid, while also incorporating beneficial elements like milk thistle, charcoal, coconut, turmeric, and geranium. By using these types of products, you can ensure that your skin remains clear in between facial appointments and, if necessary, with the guidance of your doctor, any prescribed medications. All these components work together harmoniously to deliver optimal results for your skin. ~ Genelle Holub NCE, LCE, MUA, Developer

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