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Luxe Potion, An Introduction & No Delivery System!

Updated: Mar 12

Let's talk Luxe Potion, our plant based hyaluronic acid (HA)!

I've learned there won't be a hard and fast rule about which ingredient/product to apply first, so it depends on, what you are using the product for, the combination of the ingredients AND the purpose that make up the "why" of the product that determines the order. Why use Luxe Potion (HA) immediately after cleansing...

As an Esthetician working directly with the lab of everything Face It Skin, I have learned to use products differently. Meaning use a product like a singular ingredient; cleanser, hyaluronic acid, toner, serum and/or moisturizer that makes up the recipe for healthy glowing skin, for greater results. Each product has a purpose but with the Face It Skin line being multi-functioning due to the combination of ingredients like, Luxe Potion you get to be your own mixologist at home and so does the pro in the treatment room! Luxe Potion isn't a serum so therefore I did not call it one. It stands alone but can be mixed with whatever the client or pro wants (multi-functioning) for a boost of hydration like a humectant. *This is because each client has a different environment & lifestyle and not the same skin as anyone else. So, the client will do what routine works for them. I teach that Luxe Potion is applied immediately after cleansing or mixed with Luxe Serum, but it always needs to be done on fresh bare-naked skin. It is lightweight enough to be absorbed by your skin cells and does not sit on top of the skin. It does not evaporate like water so why would we want any of it to evaporate like water does. This is why I never recommend using water as a carrier or delivery system. Tap water has limestone in it which I do not suggest for skin and most people use tap water. Tap water messes with the pH balance of the product and skin. Limestone is harmful to the hydrolipidic film of our skin and will aggravate skin which can make skin feel rough. After washing, Luxe Potion acts as a re-hydrator for skin while feeding cells with HA!

Since HA is found in every living being you want full product penetration of Luxe Potion with nothing interfering with absorption. It contains 2 carrier oils, lavender and jojoba to carry this plant-based potion into skin without assistance. It also contains MSM and Vitamin C for brightening and anti-aging. Luxe Hydra Boost Toner should be sprayed after Luxe Potion is absorbed because it is loaded with plant-based glycerin, jojoba seed, lavender, colloidal silver, geranium, etc. and leaves a cushion of hydration on skin like a humectant.

In conclusion, if you are using a beautiful combination of ingredients in a product, in the correct order you do not need a senseless "delivery system" to assist in product penetration.

Blogs are done by Genelle Holub

Pro Makeup Artist & Nutritional Clinical Esthetician, Developer and Skin Lover!

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