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The Good, The Bad & Our Energy

We tune into the energy around us but what do you do with too much bad energy?

As a Pro Makeup Artist & Esthetician who constantly interacts with people one on one, I understand the importance of being attuned to the energy of those around me. It plays a significant role in excelling at my job! However, if absorbing the negative energy of others starts affecting you, what steps can you take to prevent it?

Whether you're in sync with the vibes of those around you and your environment or not, most of us have experienced both positive and negative gut feelings. These feelings can arise from people and places, and it's important to pay attention to them! When we're out and about, we can try to be more aware of individuals who might bring negativity into our lives and protect ourselves by either following certain rituals or simply avoiding them. But what about when we're at home? Can we shield ourselves from negative energy or cleanse our living spaces? Many people believe we can, so for the next few months, let's ensure our favorite spots are free from negativity. Let's try out some cleansing habits or a few that could contribute to a happier home life.


Maximize the amount of natural sunlight/light that enters your living space. I think this may be why my favorite color is makes me feel calm, centered and reenergizes me. Plus I love the contrast of all other colors up against it. Moreover, there is a revitalizing practice that entails envisioning a vibrant white light filling the room. Simply shut your eyes and visualize this radiant white light emanating from within you, reaching every nook and cranny. If you are familiar with meditation, you will likely find this exercise more effortless. I suggest sitting next to a window where you get your most light with soothing music then closing your eyes, sitting tall and start deep breathing, slowly in and out, filling up your lungs and releasing slowly. Repeat 5-5 times and be sure to have a glass of lemon water or tea waiting for you when you are done with this cleansing light & breathing ritual.


And light your favorite soy candle! I purposely grow rosemary, jasmine, pineapple sage, lavender and geranium in pots outside and in the ground around my home. Any time my energy has been "sucked" I cut stems and put in vases around my home to instantly feel better. I then burn 1 candle of my mood and let the light in! Getting our senses involved with things that make us feel good, signals our brain to feel good. Did you know this? It's called an olfactory response learned from neuroscience and is part of what I studied while at OSU. It is actually what I focused on when developing Luxe Serum and all of Face It Skin.


Sometimes, I ask Alexa to play "calming sounds" (she plays water) or "relaxing music" while I enjoy the aroma of my burning candle and fresh cut flowers. It quickly becomes a soothing background noise, and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my next task. It's crucial for all our senses to appreciate and embrace what we encounter in our home, as it helps us self-soothe and recharge for the following day.

To kickstart my day on the right note, I prefer not to be rushed so I wake up early. I adore the scent of freshly brewed coffee, the gentle glow of dimmed lights, and the soft melodies that help me focus on the day ahead.


I make sure my work space is soothing and cozy. I try to set the things up for myself like I do for clients in the treatment room or in the makeup chair. Setting the stage for our daily lives is very important. Make a room yours with colors, smells and elements that ignite your senses and feed your soul and then... all that negative energy won't have room with all the calmness in your heart and serene surroundings.

Be good to yourself and know that we all have good and bad energy but it's what we let stay with us that impacts us daily.

I'd love to hear what you do when negative energy finds you:

~ Genelle

MUA, LCE, NCE, Developer

Learn more about Face It Skin here.

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