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2024 Marvelous Makeup Trends

From glossy cheekbones to bold lips!

It's time! Time to start exploring the makeup trends for 2024. It's not just for the catwalk anymore, we can translate their statement looks into a new look for you. Kissing 2023 goodbye, let's take a peek at the most stylish looks showcased on the catwalks and turn them into your everyday life. Why not make it your New Year's resolution to experiment with a fresh new look?

One of the makeup trends for 2024 is one I am so excited about! Last spring I found out that high shine complexions and glossy cheeks were going to be all the rage for 2024 and knew I had to make a hybrid tinted gloss rather than add another product but a multi-use product! Glossy cheeks & more....

The model above has just a hint of color on cheeks with her cheeky shine showing. The cheek color is slightly below the cheekbone. I'm sure you noticed her bold lips? Bold lips are in as well. It's a gorgeous look but let's put into our everyday lives.

Notice how Taylor's face looks nice and hydrated? Cheeks are not overly done with just a hint of color but glossy. For this you can use Rose Glow Balm under and over your makeup as I did here. However, just a few months ago I came out with a Hybrid Cheek & Lip Tint in 7 shades that makes getting glowing cheeks so easy with a beautiful impact. These are glossy!!!

It's cheeky baby!

Achieve a stunning, glossy appearance effortlessly with our Face It Hybrid Cheek & Lip Tint! A talented makeup artist from the east coast raved about our product, stating that it is the "ultimate tool for creating a quick and impactful highlighting effect." Kudos to my manufacturer for thoroughly testing our incredible product for me!

Engaging to look at

glossy cheeks just took dewy hydrated skin to the next level and are here to stay and winged eyeliner isn't going anywhere. Many of these looks are meant for the catwalk but any of these can be translated into a custom look just for you! It's easy

to add a glossy cheek and lip with just one product or freshen up your new look with just a few!

This look is from the Ralph Lauren collection which is beautiful, realistic yet angular that can and easily worn by all.

Stella McCarty

On her catwalk, she often opts for incredibly lifelike makeup styles. Take a closer look at the perfectly groomed brows and the radiant, dewy complexion with glossy cheeks. This popular trend showcases a shift towards a refined and subtle makeup aesthetic, highlighting the beauty of one's natural features and exuding an air of effortless grace.

Give us your face to give you your new fun & fresh look for 2024 and beyond. Let's refine brows, go over skin and makeup with a one on one session for an incredible feeling of being you!

Face It Skin. January 9, 2024 (TM).

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