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An Explosion Of Moisture Is Back!

Luxe Hydra Bomb is a multifunctional product that provides an abundance of moisture, originally designed as an eye cream. While not all may be aware, the origins of Luxe Hydra Bomb are worth mentioning. A few years ago, I recognized the necessity for an exceptional eye cream that would effectively hydrate and smoothen the skin for extended periods, regardless of the presence of makeup. As a professional makeup artist & esthetician, I aimed to develop an eye cream that would seamlessly blend with my concealer. To achieve this, I experimented with various types of butters, which were then diluted using organic aloe, jojoba oil, and avocado oils. Subsequently, I invited 20+ of my clients to try it, and I am certain that those who did will recall their feedback. Throughout this process, I received feedback from over 20 women, and it became evident that the delightful natural cacao scent was well-received. Surprisingly, these 20 women expressed a strong desire to utilize the product not only on their face but also on their neck! I was so surprised at this realization but led me to understand that many of the products I created, based on your invaluable feedback, possessed the ability to serve multiple purposes, catering to our diverse needs.

This experience proved to be superior to the alternative of engaging a third-party laboratory. It is worth mentioning that this remains an ongoing procedure by Face It Skin for product development. Consequently, I may potentially seek your valuable input in the near future. Oh, and by the way, this double duty queen is back in stock and ready for your uses!

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