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Red Lips 2024!

I love wearing red lipstick and love seeing others wear it but not everyone is comfortable wearing red lipstick. I guarantee you, you can wear red lips by using certain products and following the steps below! You will love it even for one celebratory night, or to make a power statement throughout the New Year!!

When wearing red lips be sure your cheek and lip color undertones match! This means if you opt for a pinker or more berry red be sure to wear a pinker or berry red blush. If you like a more brick red be sure to wear a more brown based cheek to coordinate with your lips.

To get the look above notice the model is wearing a warm toned blush with a warm toned red. This allows everything to flow and transition to the eyes which can now get away with anything because of the smooth transition of the lips to cheeks. Get it? To get this look use; Adobe Blush to contour then use Golden Nectar as the highlighter (above Adobe) then coordinate with Red Carpet Red Lipstick using Maraschino Waterproof Lip Liner (brightens any red lipstick) following the outline of your lips with our Pearl Brightening Pencil. To get the eyes use; Bronze Shadow, Black Pearl Liner and Brunette Brow Ink with Luxetastic Lash Mascara. Highlight eyes with Pearl Brightening Pencil.

The model to the right is not wearing red lips but does have a holiday look! Notice how her cheeks and lips coordinate? The eyes also coordinate but are just more intense. She is wearing a monochromatic look. In makeup artists world it's the look of a variety of hues of the same color. These colors are all the pink family but a variety of pinks. Are you following? Apply this to an everyday or night out look and you cannot go wrong with your makeup!

To get this look use: Sublime Color Stick on lips and on upper potion of cheeks while using Adobe Blush just under cheek bone. On her eyes Golden Vanilla Shadow all over with Pink Bronze Shadow covering most of her lids and as liner under her eyes. Highlight lips and eyes using Brightening Eye & Lip Pencil.

Oh, another red lip that isn't so red. One of my favorite things to do is to show anyone that you can wear red! Try softening Red Carpet Red by using a softer lighter pink lip liner under it and slightly blending the two. Do this by lining with Guava Waterproof Lip Liner, coloring in your lips using the liner before topping the center of your lips then blending with a touch of Red Carpet Red. Lastly, line your lips on the outside with our Pearl Brightening Pencil and then apply a touch of our NEW Uptown Girl or Peekaboo Hybrid Gloss using your finger for a softening effect. They key to this look is letting the liner underneath take over!

Now, go enjoy your everyday or celebratory looks!

If you ever want a makeup lesson just make a MAKEUP SESSION appointment with us!

Genelle Holub

Founder & Creator of Face It Skin

Makeup Artist

Nutritional Certified Esthetician

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