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Skin Fashion

Definition: "The ability to have the option of wearing no makeup, but wearing your skincare with minimal makeup being an accessory!" ~ Genelle

Oh how I love skin, skincare, makeup, handbags and sneakers! Are they still called sneakers? Anyway, don't you just love it when a woman is rocking her outfit with glowing skin and a great handbag or a beautiful coat? I do! It exudes confidence, specific taste and style. It screams, her! There are a few ways of having skin style when you are out and about and I am going to give you some great tips to achieve your "skin fashion" look!

The 1st look is skincare being worn but accenting it with adding Hybrid Cheek & Lip Tint.

model wearing Face It Skin
Lip and cheek makeup

The look here is all about her lips and cheeks! After using Luxe Serum all over for a hydrating glow just apply your favorite hybrid Cheek & Lip Tint to cheeks and lips! I do like a good lip liner when wearing these. Tools are; Waterproof Lip Liner in Guava and Hybrid Tint in Uptown Girl. Helpful hint here is to use either your blush brush (less color) or fingers (more color) for blending our Hybrid Tint on cheeks.

Our 2nd look is all about defining cheeks & brows:

model wearing Face It Skin
Highlight cheeks and brows

This look is bringing the look upward! First apply Rose Glow Balm all over with just a touch on your brow bone under your brow. Define your brows with are smudge-proof Brow Ink to match either the lowlights in your hair for a dramatic effect or match the highlights for a softer yet defined effect. Brunette Brow Ink is used here for a softer effect. For cheeks apply Blissful Cheek & Eye Pan following the apple and working back on the cheekbone. Isn't this gorgeous?

Our bronzed look is #3!

skin fashion
Bronzed skin

With just wearing Hydra Bomb Eye & Face Cream or Luxe Serum or Rose Glow Balm all over with one other product you can achieve either of these bronzed skin looks. To get the look of model on the left, use Hydra Bomb all over then apply Pink Bronze Cheek & Eyeshadow as bronzer, eyeliner and on eyelid. So easy. For the look on the right wear Rose Glow Balm and Clay Reflective Face Powder/Bronzer basically all over but heaviest around the hairline, jawline, on lids and cheeks! For more fair skin use either of our Medium or Tan Reflective Powders!

Remember skin fashion is all about showing your skin off with minimal makeup effort for the most impact. Schedule makeup or skin treatments with us or to shop online at, follow @faceitskin

"Own the room when you walk into it."

~ Genelle


Face It Founder

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