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Skin + Immunity=Skinmunity

Hmm, remember when you knew your skin is your largest organ? It still is and it deserves some attention!

Understanding how your skin functions is crucial for maintaining its optimal condition and achieving a healthy appearance. You may have heard people discussing barrier repair and products designed to strengthen or restore the skin barrier, but what exactly does it mean and how can you fix it if it gets damaged?

So, what is the skin barrier? It's the outermost layer of your skin that acts as a protective shield, keeping moisture locked in and preventing irritants from entering called "acid mantle." Basically your skin is a knight in glowing armor (I hope). Maintaining a strong and healthy skin barrier is essential for the overall well-being of your skin. However, this barrier can sometimes become compromised or damaged. This can happen due to various factors like friction (such as constantly wearing and removing a mask), excessive exfoliation like an aggressive peel which we have found is too damaging for skin, or prolonged exposure to UV rays. Additionally, stress and hormonal changes (from teens or menopause) can also impact your skin and lead to damage or compromise of the barrier.

At home we can compromise our barrier by thinking we have oily skin when in reality have normal skin. I always ask clients, "do you notice oil before or after lunchtime?" The most recent answer that I had (last night), "after, and I know I'm oily." Not.

If you notice shine in your t-zone after lunch this is very normal. It's 1-2 hours after washing your face in the morning that would categorize you as oily so we do not need to strip our skin. We need our skin to do it's job and produce the protective barrier (acid mantle) so it doesn't get confused and want produce more oil because it's feeling dry/stripped.

What can be done about repairing our skinmunity?

My approach to repairing skin barrier damage always starts from within while addressing the outside. So, if you're facing any skin issues, it's important to take care of your overall health. Start by ensuring you drink enough water (half your body weight) and consume plenty of fresh, seasonal foods.

Now, let's talk about products. If your skin barrier is compromised, look for products that not only support the healthy regeneration of this outermost layer but also contain hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, and antioxidants to prevent further inflammation or damage.

Luxe Potion is great for hydrating and plumping the skin, giving it a smoother and softer texture instantly. Luxe Serum was designed to actually mimic skins acid mantle and repairs & soothes almost instantly! These two and all our skincare products are designed around healthy skinmunity using our acid mantle as a guide to help correct what may be compromised. If your skin is in top shape, you can enjoy the advantages of using our anti-aging products to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion! By paying attention to the ingredients in skincare products, such as vitamins B5, E, sunflower, green tea, dandelion or rosemary, be sure that these amazing food-related elements are also part of your diet!


P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog on 2024 Makeup Trends. I can't wait!

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