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Which comes first: serum, potion, or moisturizer??

You've all asked the question; the chicken or the egg? Well in this case it's serum, potion, toner and moisturizer and which order to apply. Let me explain why I want you to use hyaluronic acid right after cleansing or why you should be able to layer and mix products for your needs!

When we wash our face we remove dirt, oil and unwanted debris from our pores which is a good thing. But did you know that washing with warm water also makes the skin more pliable for the next product? Your skin cells are now more vulnerable, bare-naked, so the next product you apply to skin is crucial. This is when you want to apply hyaluronic acid! By applying hyaluronic acid products at this stage of your skincare routine, it ensures there is no interference with product penetration and cells are fed and full, basically as I like to say, "fluffed & hydrated!" If you are using a high-quality product you do not need a delivery system like another product, because your cells are already waiting and accepting and is why your product should have some amino acids and a carrier ingredient. Luxe Potion's carrier ingredient is Jojoba Oil and amino acids are from Aloe Vera!

"Due to the properties of Aloe vera and its compounds, it can be used to retain skin moisture and integrity," says the National Library of Medicine. Luxe Potion has aloe which contains 95% of water in it's structure and is loaded with vitamins and amino acids (20 to be exact) that feed skin and since Jojoba Oil is most like skins own natural oils it penetrates easily! So why do you need another product to ensure it penetrates when it already has the penetrating abilities in it? It's all bull-#@it, poor quality or clever marketing.

With regards to layering you do have another option; if you prefer less steps, go ahead and mix Luxe Potion with Luxe Serum or add it to your moisturizer. Keep in mind if you want to mix you will want to spray Luxe Hydra Boost Toner on first, right after cleansing. Yes, this will change the order but I want what is best for you, and your routine.

This pic shows exactly how I suggest applying potions and serums after cleansing so you may want to keep for your reference.

To continue layering spray on our spa-like toner next! Luxe Hydra Boost Toner's name says it all! Loaded with skin smoothing hydration ideally this goes on after Luxe Potion followed with Luxe Serum and/or Hydra Bomb or Rose Glow Balm. These last products you can continue to layer or mix at this point or used singularly. Your choice. I hope this explanation of why I am so adamant on layering Luxe Potion after cleansing has helped.

Stay hydrated and glowing ~ Genelle

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