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Food & Foundation

Welcome to Flawless Skin, a clean beauty blog where everything is about what goes on your skin, feeding your skin, lifestyle and acceptance.


Okay. Here goes my blog.....for years I've been asked to start a blog and have resisted because my creative mind is all over the place! I can't promise you that it still won't be but, I will promise you'll find some answers, tips & tricks and a beauty-full connection! As a pro Make-up Artist and Nutritional & Clinical Esthetician, I want to help take the beauty confusion out for you as a consumer and share easy beauty answers with you.

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My name is Genelle Holub and have earned 56 years to my name! I sit before you in my pajamas with no makeup on, not washing my face while writing my 1st blog post this morning in my office. I do like my skin but not always the way I look. I have a problem with my face not being symmetrical, but I know no one's is. Let's have our goals be, both loving our skin and our looks! Acceptance.

I have worked on thousands of faces and continue to do so. I always hear, "I want better skin" or "I want to look 20 or 30 again." I say let's work on skin health, clean beauty and healthy aging for feeling and looking our best at all ages.

Food & Foundation

Food. I love eating! Don't you? The best foundation your skin can have is a healthy diet,

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Food for skin

exercise with clean beauty skincare and makeup. If you can improve what you eat your skin texture will improve! Add 4 of these foods a day for building a new skin foundation . I encourage you to eat or cook with; avocado, olive oil, red bell peppers, tomato, broccoli, beans, salmon, eggs and cucumbers. Try water with cucumber, any mint or lemon & lime to it. Visit my facebook page; Genelle Holub, for the perfect skin salad to eat!

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Clean beauty foundation

Foundation. I do not believe in covering up your skin with makeup but wearing a foundation and products that compliments & enhances your skin. I say, skin is the new makeup! Face It Skin Tinted Moisturizer is really a foundation that feels like a tinted moisturizer, hence the name. Made of minerals that you can't feel on your face it let's skin breath. Follow me on @faceitskin

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