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Glass-Glow Face It Facial

is an alternative to getting injectables! In the past few years I have witnessed how the texture of skin can change on some peoples skin after injectables. It gets drier, pores become more visible and pushed outward and skin looks blotchy. This isn't true for everyone and I personally get Botox and PRP (my own juice placed under my eyes) but for some, the skin changes or maybe you are just not up to getting any of it. That's cool and your choice is yours which I respect and is why I decided to offer another option just for you!

Microneedling hexapeptides into skin is like getting topical Botox without injections. Hexapeptides are a natural protein that we drive into skin to relax facial lines for an anti-aging for ultra smooth results. Microneedling works by 'signaling' that you need to heal, which tells your body to produce more collagen where you need it most and the Hexapeptide being pushed into skin is a neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptide, meaning it works within skin's surface layers to interrupt the look of expression lines ... This method is also partnered with our famed Luxe Potion to plump cells that together gives you glass-like skin.

Let me educate you: Neurotransmitter peptides are found in injectables like Botox, and topical treatments such as our product—both work to relax your facial muscles so they don’t contract as much, helping reduce wrinkles and laughter or worry lines. A 2009 study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that these types of peptides reduced certain wrinkle types by 30%. Studies have shown this peptide penetrates nicely into skin and delivers greater efficacy for smoothing expression lines if specific formulary steps are followed, including accounting for the type of emulsion used like in Luxe Potion (a higher humectant content allowing greater penetration). As always, this demonstrates the importance of selecting well-formulated skin care products!

We are excited to bring this science based facial to you so you have choices! If you are a professional and want to learn more contact me directly,

Schedule below to let us have your skin texture!

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