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Skin + Senses + Brain Connection = Neurocosmetics

Have you ever smelled something and instantly you have a warm wonderful feeling with a good memory? Like mom's sugar cookies and grandmas cupcakes? Visually seeing this pic, can you just smell these right now? I think I can!

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Neurocosmetics, a cutting-edge field in the beauty industry, harnesses the power of neuroscience to revolutionize skincare. Since 2007, recent scientific breakthroughs have revealed that certain smells of cosmetic products, when applied to the skin, communicates with our central nervous system, triggering remarkable transformations in our skin.  Basically, products that are applied to skin signaling the brain through wonderful natural smells results in a more positive response from the skin.

skincare, Neurocosmetics and nature

I found this very skinteresting and pored over this 7 years ago when I developed my first product. With 18+

years of working on the skin I noticed a relationship between the clients senses, the products, and the reaction the skin

had based on products of a certain smell.

I knew this was powerful thus creating products the esthetician AND the client would be excited to use and want to use using the neuroscience studies.

From hydrating serums, potions, and facial sprays it was obvious that the skin and brain relate to everything that is used on skin.  Not only are Neurocosmetics effective at positive change to skin and mood but they’re skin correcting and anti-aging!

Luxe Serum, face serum, Face It

Luxe Serum, our first product designed from neuroscience is a Neurocosmetic. It's made from organic natural products that smell like what’s inside the bottle; rosemary, lavender, geranium, cypress to name a few.  When certain measurements of ingredients are combined a wonderful scent has happened therefore triggering the olfactory response in the skin is absorbing the product it's simultaneously triggering a response from the lavender, that is anti-inflammatory, soothes eczema, and is full of antioxidants. Example; combine lavender with rosehip oil, (an earthy scent) which is hydrating, smoothing, promotes cell turnover & boosts collagen, and you have an improved response because these 2 ingredients act like buddies where skin and emotions are triggered for a next level soul-soothing effect inside and out!  Imagine the perspective as a client getting a treatment or the professional when giving a peel, to compromise skin intentionally. The response the client and professional get when using a product like Luxe Serum to neutralize the peel... it rehydrates and soothes the skin while the brain triggers a refreshed feeling. Beautiful.

retinol, vanilla lemon cupcakes and skincare

Remember grandma's cupcakes?

Because skin is acidic I suggest using products that have AHA’s in them, partnered with other ingredients like…oh say, retinol!  Since retinol is the middle strength of retinoids, our Refreshing Retinol Cream gets a boost by adding lemon (clears pores) and vanilla (improves circulation) that creates a neuro-response in the brain, resulting in skin-improving goodness that naturally smells like a cupcake.  By the way, the scent from this signals the brain in such a positive way your skin is alerted and absorbs the product better! Who wouldn’t be excited to use a product like this every night???

Ask yourself this, when wearing skincare would you rather get results that are, naturally effective or synthetically similar?  Whenever we smell something, even if we’re not necessarily focusing on the smell, the odors reach receptors in our nose and trigger an electrical signal to the brain, creating a response. I'd rather have products on my skin with smells of soulful wellness benefits, rooted from neuroscience! You?

healthy skincare and natural

Chemists keep tinkering with ingredients but maybe the classics are just better with natural buddies to have skin-life rejuvenated!  Because skin is acidic our Neurocosmetics are made acidic-like for skin to have better skin absorption. Like, Hydra Boost Toner is made with real pink grapefruit, rosemary and colloidal silver while our Hydra Bomb Eye & Face Cream has real cocoa in it. Who wouldn’t be excited to do self-care and use skincare like this?

Be hydrated, smooth & soulful,



Genelle Holub applying mineral makeup

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