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Where Did TikTok Get It's Esthetician License?

Updated: Mar 12

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Have you, as a parent, ever experienced the frustration of scrolling through social media and encountering misleading information about skincare treatments and products that are recommended for you or your teenager? As an Esthetician, I understand your frustration with platforms like TikTok and others that promote products to everyone. The only motivation behind these unlicensed self-proclaimed experts is money through endorsements. Numerous trendy products become viral on social media, and the latest trend has captivated the interest of a younger generation of consumers.

girl applying face mask

Many users of these apps have shared their personal experiences while shopping for skincare products at popular beauty retailers such as Sephora, Target, and Ulta. Whether you're shopping for yourself or with your tween or teen, you'll come across skincare products that claim to be suitable for all ages but lack specificity, making it hard to choose wisely without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, some of these popular products contain potentially harmful ingredients like retinol, added fragrances, and harsh exfoliants, which have gained immense popularity among this customer base. Btw...I see red dye in the mask on the left. I do not recommend as it's a skin irritant.

This miseducation has prompted a need in the esthetic industry for the professionals to step up and be the voice of reason for you, and your teen/tween. I am going to set the record straight so grab your tween and/or teen! Let's pore over 3 reasons not to do what social media influencers are selling.

1. Retinol/Retinoids

Unless directed by a licensed professional some ingredients can be dangerous ingredients for adolescent skin comes to mind, we can all agree retinol is at the top of the list. While retinol holds endless benefits for maturing skin, it can cause adverse effects for tween users. I recently had a mom come in and tell me her tween was on Retin-A from her doctor. The skin was so inflamed I could see the pain. Retin-A is prescription strength and has no healing benefits in the product. Using a lower strength (retinol) partnered with skin healing ingredients would have been a better choice.

girl confused about skincare products

The use of retinols by tweens who are not under the care of a skin care professional are at particular risk for further damage to the skin by overuse, not following intended instructions (pea size application vs. several “influencer sized pumps") and not protecting the skin from the sun. These products increase the cellular turnover rate, and these kiddos don’t need a higher cell turnover—or thinner skin but just to unclog their pores. Retinol might not be for them but it might be right for someone else their age but how are they to know? Many preteens and teenagers are drawn to using retinol and face scrubs to exfoliate their skin, hoping to minimize breakouts and uneven skin tone, and achieve a radiant "glass skin" appearance. While retinol can be beneficial for certain older skin types that require anti-aging or most ages trying to clear stubborn clogged pores, it may cause irritation and inflammation for young, delicate, and already sensitive skin.

2. Fragrances

Those that opt for natural skin care products know the potential dangers that added fragrances can hold. For those who don't suffer from sensitive skin, fragrances could have no effect on their skin. The same cannot be said for compromised, sensitive or tween/teen skin. The chemicals that can be found in these fragrances have the potential to cause increased irritation or reactions. 

girl laying in flowers

Fragrances contribute to a product’s aroma, but may increase sensitivities and lead to irritation or dermatitis. The right Esthetician can help their clients including tween clients invest in products that are natural and naturally fragranced only incorporating aromas from botanical extracts. And to invest in only the minimal amount of products. You do not need to be using 10 products on your skin to get results, just the right products! Unless you have allergies then stay with natural scents.

3. Chemical Exfoliants

Any age group may be dealing with inflammatory skin conditions, but harsh solutions are not the answer especially for younger skin. Teen/tween clients are often dealing with dry or sensitive skin, and should be treated accordingly.

I advise against tweens and teens using stronger exfoliants such as glycolic and retinoic acid unless instructed by a professional. Glycolic acid is a more aggressive alpha hydroxy acid with its small molecular structure, meaning it can penetrate quickly and deeply.

girl wearing Face It Glow Mask

Aggressive face scrubs with large or unpolished granules have the potential to create micro-tears in the skin, which can lead to a compromised skin barrier and extend skin's healing process. Alternatively, smooth, small, and polished granules, such as our Glow Mask are tween and teen skin safe and effective.

What I recommend Instead

Mature skin, tween/teen clients are still in need of cleansing and gentle exfoliation to treat and prevent inflammatory skin conditions. For those experiencing a common condition like acne. I like spot treatments like our Problem Skin Elixir. Even though it does contain salicylic acid it's partnered with soothing ingredients like lavender, geranium and milk thistle to keep skin calm. And yes it contains retinol but a slow release retinol, to unclog what needs to flow out and again it's partnered with skin healing ingredients. The Pro's know! Your treatments should be a natural, professional grade skin care regimen that is dedicated to sensitive skin for mature or young skin that reduce sebum with ingredients like lemon which is found in our Refreshing Retinol Cream. What is also found in our dream cream is soothing ingredients like Vitamin B5, C & E and Vanilla to counteract irritation.

Face It Skin products

It's also important to remember that teen clients may know of trending products they found on social media, but they are not informed on how those products can affect their skin barrier.

It’s essential to teach all the importance of trusting professionals who are able to look at their skin and decide what is best, not look at someone’s TikTok like count and letting them decide what’s best.

By getting established

With a professional for aging, acne and tween/teen related skin issues you'll be able to work with a pro who knows the history and current condition of your skin. Unlike TikTok!

Be healthy, balanced & have glowing skin,




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